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Golovine N. N. The Russian Campaign of 1914

The Beginning of the War and Operations in East Prussia by Nicholas N. Golovine, Lieutenant General, Imperial Russian Army / Preface by Marshal Foch. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas: The Command and General Staff School Press, 1933. – xxi + 410 p.

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Part I. The Beginning of the War

Chapter I. Was the Russian general mobilization the cause of the war? [3]

Chapter II. Russia’s military strength [25]

Chapter III. The War Plan [45]

Chapter IV. Mobilization, concentration, and the first Operations Orders [74]

Part II. The First Operations in East Prussia

Chapter V. Operations of the First Army. The commencements of the advance and the approach to the battlefield of Gumbinnen [101]

Chapter VI. Operations of the First Army (continued). The battle of Gumbinnen; the continuation of the advance of the First Army [124]

Chapter VII. Operations of the Second Army. The initial Operations Orders; the advance and the approach of the Army to the battlefield [166]

Chapter VIII. The battles of General Samsonov’s Army on the 26th, 27th, and 28th August [218]

Chapter IX. The death throes of the center corps of the Second Army [290]

Chapter X. The consequences of the defest of Samsonov’s Army [328]

Chapter XI. The Battle of the Masurian Lakes and the retreat of the First Army [354]


No. 1. Peace-time distriblltion by Corps and Military Districts of First-line Infantry and Cavalry Divisions [391]

No. 2. Composition of the Armies (in accordance with the instructions approved by His Majesty the 1st May 1912) [393]

No. 3. Composition of the German Eighth Army on the 26th August 1914 [394]

No. 4. Final composition of the actual armies after the alterations made during the pre-mobilization period and the first days of mobilization [395]

No. 5. Composition of the First Russian Army on the 20th August 1914 [396]

No. 6. Directive No.1 to the Commander of the First Army [396]

No. 7. Eighth (German) Army Orders (14th August 1914) [398]

No. 8. First Army Directive No. 1 [399]

No. 9. First Army Orders No. 2 [401]

No. 10. Composition of the Second Russian Army [402]

No. 11. Directive No.2 to the Commander of the Second Army [403]

No. 12. Second Army Orders No. 1 [404]

No. 13. Second Army Directive No. 1 [405]

No. 14. Second Army Directive No. 2 [407]

No. 15. Second Army Directive No. 4 [407]

No. 16. Eighth (Gennan) Army Orders (25th August 1914) [409]

No. 17. Eighth (German) Army Orders (29th August 1914) [409]